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Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac JW

11.10.09, Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback club open show
Judge: Judith Brownlee
Result: 1st in Limit, Reserve Best Bitch

Critique: Beautiful bitch who had great movement, lovely feminine head type with an alert expression, she has a wonderful front and correct lay of shoulder, good topline and rear angulation. She moved very well round the ring keeping her topline throughout.

30.09.09, Driffield Ch Show
Judge: John Mackfall
Result: 1st in Limit, Best Bitch, BOS

Critique: Very good example of the breed, feminine head and expression, nice eye, good forechest, good topline excellent box and ridge and tight feet. Moved without effort. I made her run many times throughout the day and she did not put a foot wrong, straight and with purpose.

18.09.09, Darlington Ch Show
Judge: Ferelith Somerfield
Result: 1st in Limit

Critique: Fit sound moving bitch who pressed hard for a higher award, good head, pleasing neck, shoulder & outline, well made hind quarters, in good condition.

04.08.09, City of Birmingham Ch Show
Judge: Dr Sarah Hemstock
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: A lot to like about this super showgirl. Totally feminine, nothing exaggerated, plenty of breed type. Cracking head and expression. Forequarters clean and muscular with straight well boned forelegs. Muscular and well developed hindquarters. Balanced and sound on the move. Handled expertly. Strong contender for top honours.

03.08.09, Paignton Ch show
Judge: Mike Caple
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: Top quality daughter of Adam and Rangi. Well put together, projected a super outline, lovely head and expression, reachy neck, super front and infill, well laid shoulders & firm topline, good underline, deep brisket & strong loin. Can perhaps strengthen a touch behind. Looking good for her age & should go onto better things.

25.07.09, Leeds Ch show
Judge: Lyn Hewson
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: A super wheaten that I have long admired as even without handling, her qualities are apparent. Confident at 16 months old with lovely balanced head and typical expression. Good reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder, deep chest with good infill to forechest. Firm in topline, correctly angulated quarters. Well off for bone and substance. Standing she presents a lovely outline. Her movement is free although I was disappointed that her hind movement was not more positive.

19.07.09, Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch show
Judge: Toni Agnew
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: Hard to fault this girl, has strength in head without compromising her femininity, good dark eyes, ears of correct size and shape, well shaped neck to textbook front assembly, great body shape though her underline was a little soft. Well constructed and toned rear quarters gave a good driving action, won this class with room to spare, decided she had done enough when it came to the challenge, what a pity.

10.07.09, East of England Ch show
Judge: Kim Cairns
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: Lovely young bitch maturing well, good proportions, correct angulation, super head, moved well on excellent feet, has a bright future. Just lost out on maturity.

27.06.09, Blackpool Ch Show
Judge: Dr Göran Bodegård (Sweden)
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: A high quality bitch with beautiful construction and details, particularly nicely balanced in angulation in front and rear and moving very soundly with some presence. Excellent tail. Probably a great future.

20.06.09, Border Union Ch Show
Judge: Martin Saunders
Result: RCC

Critique: Exhibit of obvious quality, viewed from any angle, correct in overall body balance, correct head which is of good balance. Super eye and expression, excellent neck which flows into a well laid shoulder. Well filled fore chest, excellent ribbing, correct in topline, good ridge and crowns. She is well developed in the rear, good bend of stifle leading to a strong parallel hock, standing on quality bone with well knuckled feet. She moved away with true drive and up front she showed good extension. Her side gait just flowed, presented in excellent condition and well handled, pleased to award her the RCC today, the big ones are not too far away I’m sure!

17.06.09, Three Counties Ch Show
Judge: Anna Ringer, Breed Specialist
Result: 2nd in Junior

Critique: Slightly larger than the winner, lovely head and ear set. Good reach of neck into well made shoulders, level topline. Excellent ridge. Good depth of chest and front. Well ribbed. Good rear angulation and tail set. Moved straight and showed well.

25.05.09, Bath Ch Show
Judge: Editha Newton, Hound Specialist
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: Liked the balance and body mass, complimented by lovely head and good length of neck, pleasing rear angles.

10.05.09, Border Counties Hound Show
Judge: Jacqui Cook
Best of Breed and R-BIS

Critique: 13 month old striking bitch, lovely head with excellent expression and proportions, good underjaw, good reach of neck on well laid shoulders, held topline on the move, in super condition, very balanced throughout for one so young, delighted to award her BOB and watch her take RBIS.

07.05.09, Birmingham National Ch Show
Judge: Keith Thornton, Hound Specialist
Result: 1st in Junior

Critique: Excellent hound, beautiful head with dark eye giving correct expression, she has a super outline, correct crowns and ridge, looks special on the move and with maturity will go to the top.

24.04.09, Welks Ch Show
Judge: Sue Simper
Result: RCC

Critique: Very well made substantial bitch, excellent overall balance, excellent feminine head, good eye & expression, excelled in length of neck, well laid back shoulder, lovely bone, good front with deep tight feet, deep ribcage, carried well back, level topline, well muscled hindquarters of good width, excellent bend of stifle, very accurate coming & going & good length of stride in profile action.

18.04.09, Humberside Hound
Judge: Robin Sadler
Special Yearling and Best of Breed

Critique: Well balanced type full of promise, lovely head of good proportions, endearing expression and dark bright eyes, strong jaw, good front and well boned, long enough neck set on muscular sloping shoulders, tight elbows close to body, sufficiently sprung ribs, strong back and muscular loins, well defined muscular hind quarters with a good bend of stifle. Lovely to watch on the move so straight forward and aft. Well handled. One to watch for the future.

29.03.09, Midlands & Northern RR Club Show
Judge: Liz Storey
Result: Best Bitch and
Best in Show

Critique: Beautiful feminine 'top drawer' bitch showing such a balanced picture. Excellent front and well off for bone. Perfectly balanced head with correct planes, dark eye and good ear set, alert and intelligent expression. Good length of neck into fabulous layback of shoulder. Good infill of chest displaying the required 'H' front on. Strong back and loin, kept her topline on the move. Her straight forward reach aimed where to go and her powerful rear quarters and low set hock took her there with ease and accuracy. Handled to perfection. So pleased to award her Best Bitch and eventually Best in Show. Will easily follow in her mother's footsteps, and some. Congratulations.

05.03.09, Crufts
Judge: Elina Haapaniemi
Result: 1st Special Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy

Critique: Very lovely feminine bitch puppy who clearly enjoyed herself in the ring! Very well balanced for her age. Pleasing outline and lovely head and expression. Very good mover. Promises well for the future.

07.02.09, Leigh Canine Society
Judge: Rusty Grayson
Result: Best Puppy and Best of Breed

Critique: Young strong willed bitch, excellent coat and condition, well balanced angulation front and rear, good strong clean bone, correct pasterns and feet, very pleasing head, correct eye and ear placement, moved well.

10.01.09, Boston Ch show
Judge: Linda Parkes
Result: Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3

Critique: 10 month red wheaten from the top draw, loved this puppy and her attitude, good length of neck, she has a good front with good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, great topline and tailset, with good turn of stifle, great head of super type, super feet and good pasterns. Moved well and well handled.

12.12.08, LKA
Judge: Janet Nolan
Result: Best Puppy in Breed

Critique: Super 9 months red wheaten who stood away in this class. So well balanced in outline. Lovely feminine head, dark eye, steady gaze. Excellent layback of shoulder, straight forelegs, correct feet. Well filled front, good depth of chest, well ribbed back. Lovely topline, slight rise over loin into strong hindquarters with correct bend of stifle. Excellent free flowing movement. Enjoying her day out!! Pleased to award her best puppy. Could have taken her home.

21.11.08, Humberside Hound
Judge: Philomena Nash
Result: Best Puppy and Best of Breed

Critique: 9 months old bitch R/ Wheaten. Feminine Head. Lovely reach of neck and good shoulders. Straight forelegs with nice compact feet. Nice ribbing and lovely topline. Good ridge. Rear angles good with nice muscle tone. Moved well. Very together for a youngster. Pleased to see her awarded RBPIS.

14.09.08, Darlington Ch show
Judge: Graham Hill
Result: Minor Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed

Critique: If I was asked which puppy I would like to take home this would be the one. Has obvious quality in conformation, super type, clean lines, good bone and displays so many breed qualities at just 6 months. She has quality and promise from her head to her tail, which is everything you look for in a puppy Best Puppy.