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Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Faahac'S Fiyaa JW

20.01.07, Manchester Ch Show
Judge: Patricia Clayton
Result: 1st in Open and CC (from an entry of 129)

Critique: Home bred girl of 3 1/2 years who is well put together with a well proportioned head, has a sweet kind expression. Clean neck, excellent shoulders. Ample bone for size. Stands on nice tight feet. Strong well ribbed body. Has required bend of stifle and a well carried stern to complete the picture. Moved out maintaining topline around the ring, presenting a steady free striding gait. Presented in lovely hard condition. Could do a good days hunting. I understand her 2nd CC.

18.06.06, Border Union
Judge: Anna Ringer
Result: 2nd in Open and challenges for the RCC

Critique: Another good feminine bitch. Slightly heavier in build than the winner. Very feminine in head with lovely expression, nice kind expressive eye with ears that frame the face, strong clean neck into well placed shoulders. Good topline. Correct depth of chest and forehest, well ribbed body. Nicely arched hindquarters. Good rear angulation. Strong hocks, good tailset. Showed and moved well.

29.05.06, Bath
Judge: Aitkin Johnson
Result: 2nd in Open and challenges for the RCC

Critique: Balanced outline, excelled in head, very feminine, lovely expression. Strong neck, good front and feet, well boned. Deep brisket. Correct ribbing. good topline. Strong quarters moved out with drive.

10.12.05, LKA
Judge: Pat Thorne
Result: 2nd in Limit

Critique: Attractive bitch, moving very freely, well balanced, good angulation, pleasing head, good neck into clean shoulders, deep chest, giving plenty of heartroom, moved well with plenty of drive from good rearquarters.

15.10.05, Driffield Ch Show (no CCs)
Judge: Michael Boothroyd
Result: 1st in Limit

Critique: Beautiful headed bitch, lovely size, type and balance. Perfectly sound, in tip top condition.

16.09.05, Darlington Ch Show
Judge: Kim Cairns
Result: BOB and CC

Critique: Super eye catching R/W mature hound. Nothing flashy or overexaggerated. Lovely head, good clean neck into excellent shoulders. Front angulation correct with good strong hind quarters. Just the right amount of rear angulation giving excellent drive. All in all a really grand bitch, pleased to award her 1st CC & BOB.

13.08.05, Bournemouth
Judge: Sue Campbell
Result: 2nd in Limit

Critique: Red wheaten slightly stronger than 1 very balanced, good head. Would prefer a little more length of muzzle, lovely dark round eye with good expression. Powerful neck, strong topline, good bone, super feet, strong on the move and covering the ground in fit condition.

25.06.05, Blackpool
Judge: Jack Selby
Result: 2nd in Limit

Critique: Good head and ear placement, level topline showed and moved well.

18.06.05, Border Union
Judge: John Walton-Haddon
Result: 1st in Limit

Critique: Looked a picture standing, head of correct proportions but has a little too much stop which rather spoilt her expression, strong in neck leading to good topline, ok in front and angulation, rather lazy on the move.

30.05.05, Bath Ch Show
Judge: David Seaman
Result: 2nd in Limit

Critique: Smaller in size, typical head and eye, straight front with good bone, movement not matching winner.

On her first visit abroad to Leiden International show Fiyaa was awarded the res CAC and CACIB judge Petr Rehanek wrote about her:

"Well built, typical head, dark eyes, correct scissor bite, ear carriage good, neck well set on, straight back, rib cage deep and wide, quarters well angulated, free movement excellent res CAC, CACIB"