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Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks

News 2005

News 2005



Ambaa is placed 2nd in Junior and Fiyaa is 2nd in Limit.

Judge: Pat Thorne.

Winners Amsterdam:

2nd December saw us off to Holland again. After a not so pleasant ferry crossing (force 9 gale, very rough) we met up with Mary, Helen and John, this time Tracy came too. She has Basenjis and thought she might like to see what all this showing was like abroad, thinking she might try it next year!!!! After a very enjoyable evening, good food and company next day we went to the Winners show. Ambaa was entered in the Youth class which she won and became

~ Youth Winner 05 ~

She got a big rosette and trophy to keep. Next it was Fiyaa entered in the Open class, she was placed 2nd and got the Res CAC and Res CACIB. All in all a very successful weekend!


Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland:

Ambaa is placed 2nd in Junior, 1st in Post Graduate, and 2nd in Limit.
Judge: Debbie Fuller


Midland Counties:

Ambaa is 2nd in Junior class.
Judge: Julie Bates.


Driffield Ch show: (no CC’s) 

Ambaa wins the junior class from an entry of 6. Judge: Michael Boothroyd.

Fiyaa wins Limit.


Darlington CH show:

Fiyaa wins the CC and BOB under breed specialist Kim Cairns from an entry of 70!
Ambaa is 2nd in Junior from a class of 7.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of GB:

Ambaa wins the junior class from an entry of 15 and is declared Best Untitled Bitch.
Judge: Ellis Hulme

Richmond Ch Show:

Ambaa is 2nd in Junior. 
Judge: Cath Davies

Here at Faahac, we congratulate Ambaa's mum Roza on gaining her SWE and NOR CH titles!

City of Birmingham:

Ambaa was placed 3rd in junior under judge Zena Thorn Andrews, the only liver to be placed.


Welsh Kennel Club:

Ambaa excels herself again and wins the Junior class, the biggest class of the day, and gets the RCC under judge Charlotte Strickland. Again we entered the Junior stakes class and this time Ambaa was the winner on Hound and Gundog day! The judge was Ellis Hulme. This meant we had to return on the final day, a round trip of 6 hours but it was worth it as Ambaa was runner up over the 3 days!


Fiyaa gains a 4th place under judge Charlotte Strickland from 11 entries.


Another great day under judge Sue Campbell, Ambaa wins Junior bitch from an entry of 11 and goes on to get another RCC. We were also entered in the Junior stakes class under judge Monica Boggia Black were she was placed 2nd. Fiyaa is placed 2nd in Limit under Sue Campbell from a class of 10.

Hound Association:

Fiyaa is placed 2nd in Limit under Harry Brown from a class of 14.

Ambaa is now out of Puppy having celebrated her 1st birthday, she wins her 1st Junior class out of 21 entries of junior bitches. Judge was Harry Brown.



Fiyaa is place 4th in Limit and Ambaa is 2nd in the Puppy class under substitute judge Betty Webster.

Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club CH show:

Ambaa wins the Puppy bitch class from an entry of 9 and gets Best puppy bitch and Best puppy in show! The icing on the cake was when she was awarded the bitch RCC under judge Marianne Nixon. A truly wonderful day!


Ambaa is 3rd in the puppy bitch class under judge Gus McDonald.



Fiyaa is placed 2nd in a strong Limit class under judge Jack Selby.
Ambaa wins Puppy bitch class under Jack Selby and gets Best opposite sex puppy.

Border Union:

Fiyaa wins Limit under judge John Walton-Haddon on a very hot day, then refused to move in the challenge - Fiyaa hates the heat!

Ambaa is placed 3rd in Puppy class, judge John Walton-Haddon.

Three Counties:

Fiyaa gets a 4th place in Limit under judge Liz Storey.

I think we have finally cracked it - Ambaa wins her puppy class under judge Liz Storey, then gets best puppy and then goes on to 3rd in a very strong puppy group under judge Marianne Nixon 


The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of GB Open Show:

This time Ambaa gained a 3rd place under judge Melanie Dunn. We are getting better, not quite as much leaping around the ring!


At last the time arrives for Ambaa to come home to us all here at Faahac! I had already been over to see her on 3 occasions - once with Fiyaa and Toni, and this time Helen (Shingwidsi) came with us.

We went to a show whilst we were there at Berghem (see below) - unfortunately Ambaa had just been in season so could not be shown but Fiyaa went on to take the CAC and CACIB (her second).

We had a nice couple of days with Mary (Chaquamba owner) who I will be forever grateful for looking after Ambaa so well for me for the 8 months before she could come to the UK. The trip home was uneventful so we went straight on to:

Bath CH Show:

Fiyaa is placed second in a class of 15 under David Seaman.

Ambaa gained a 4th place in Puppy - her first time shown on grass and she decided it was only meant for playing, not showing! This is something we are working on...

Berghem International Show:

Fiyaa was placed 1st in the Open class and went on to win the CAC and CACIB and was graded "Excellent" by judge Mr N R Huber.


Fiyaa is placed 4th in Limit in a class of 7 under Anthea Fox, her first time in Limit.


Fiyaa wins Post Graduate from a class of 9 under Tom Johnson.

On her first visit abroad to Leiden International show, Fiyaa was awarded the res CAC and CACIB! Judge Petr Rehanek wrote about her "Well built, typical head, dark eyes, correct scissor bite, ear carriage good, neck well set on, straight back, rib cage deep and wide, quarters well angulated, free movement excellent res CAC, CACIB".

I went to visit Ambaa who will be coming to join us next month. She was awarded Best Puppy at the same show. The judge wrote about her "Well built, typical head, brown eyes, correct scissor bite, well carried ears, straight back, typical ridge, well angulated quarters, very promising, Best Puppy".

Fiyaa on the beach in HollandOn the beach in Holland
On the beach in HollandOn the beach in Holland



Fiyaa went Best of Breed under Frank White on Easter Monday and went on to take Group 3 under Tom Johnson. On the same day in Holland Ambaa went to Champion Show Leeuwarden where she was awarded Best R.R. puppy 6-9 months and graded as "very promising". Judge was Hr J Pohling from Germany.

Crufts March 05:

Fiyaa was awarded VHC in Special Yearling by Breed Specialist Mrs P. Barber.

Midlands and Northern RR Club Open Show:

Fiyaa was placed second in Graduate bitch by Mrs P. Wells. 


News 2005