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News 2007

News 2007



The official photo from the Winner Show has come through:

Photo © RBT


Apologies for the lack of updates during this exciting time, our ISP has been experiencing extensive problems that have only been resolved today! Below are the latest good news about Fumbaa and Justus, and also some more information about the Winner Show in Amsterdam.


Two pieces of good news this week!

Fumbaa's elbow score has come back as 0.0 which is what we were expecting from the vet's prediction.

The other bit of good news is that Justus has passedhis aptitude test in field tracking with the highest possible score! Well done to Justus, and to Helena for working so hard with Justus. There are more photos and information on Helena's website. It is so nice to hear of Ridgebacks doing other things!


Amsterdam Winner Show:

Ambaa got 2 CCs and 1 CACIB and was
Best Bitch and Best of Breed!

We had a nice weekend away in Amsterdam and took in the Winners show whilst there. Tracey and Georgina also came along, and we met up with Catharina (Ambaa's breeder), Mary and Sylvia and enjoyed some good company and nice food. At the show Ambaa was entered in the Champions class which she won, and she then went on to take Best Bitch and she was awarded 2 CC's and the CACIB. She was also Best of Breed against the Best Dog! The Ridgeback entry was the second largest entry of the day. We then went into the group ring where Ambaa was shortlisted to the last 8. It was a long journey but well worth while to achieve such a prestigious result and that Catharina was there to see it for herself.


Fumbaa's hip score has come back as 3.2 which we are delighted with! We are still waiting for the elbow score to come back.

Liverpool Kennel Association Open show:

Update from the weekend: We went to Liverpool Kennel Association open show where Ambaa was Best of Breed under breed judge Nicky Boyd, and she then went on to take Group 2 under judge Sue Campbell!

RR Club of Scotland CH show:

Ambaa gains her 4th CC and goes Res Best in Show at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland's first Championship show!

The judge was Denis Macmillan, all round hound specialist. Photos will follow.

Fumbaa was also 3rd in his class.


Midland Counties CH show:

We went to Midland Counties Ch show last Thursday where Chris Nutall was the judge. Ambaa was 2nd in the Open class out of 17 and Fumbaa was in the Junior class where he was placed 1st!

The last 2 weekends saw us abroad in Holland and Denmark. I was pleased to be asked to judge Ridgebacks in Maastricht at their international show. I had a good entry of 49 dogs to assess the third highest entry of the two day show, the entries in Europe are much smaller than ours in the UK, but it can take quite a long time as you are required to critique every dog whilst in the ring. My Best of Breed was Musanga Sanga Mukana owned by Marjon Eshuis Franke and was delighted to see him win Group 6. Best Bitch was Vizara Likoma Lechaim owned by Rens Trappel and Mariette Van Der Veer. The hospitality extended to myself and Toni was second to none, they made us very welcome and we enjoyed some very interesting company.

The next weekend we were off to Copenhagen were Toni was judging the Danish Club Show. We had a couple of days in Copenhagen before we travelled the short journey to the show, again the Danes made us very welcome and we had a very interesting day. Copenhagen is a very interesting city with a lot a varying culture, we decided to do the real "tourist thing" and take an open topped bus tour around the city this way we took in as lot more than if we had walked around.


Last bit of news, some fantastic news from Sweden! Justus has had the results back from having his hips and elbows scored, they have come back with a result of A for his hips and clear for his elbows! Fumbaa and Justus were the first in the litter to be X-rayed, coincidentally on the same day, but for some reason it is much quicker getting the results in Sweden than in the UK so we will wait for Fumbaa's results with our fingers crossed.


RR Club of Great Britain CH show:

With a record entry of 213 Ridgebacks, Ambaa was 1st in the Open class from an entry of 17 and she then went on to take RCC. Fumbaa also won his class from an entry of 15. The judge was Janet Parker.

Driffield CH show:

Georgina and Fumbaa went to Driffield Ch show, from an entry of 23 Fumbaa won Best Dog and then went on to take BOB! Congratulations to them both!

Darlington CH show:

We went to Darlington Ch show on Friday where Trish Wells was judging Ridgebacks. Ambaa won the Open class from an entry of 11 and was awarded the Res CC, her 6th.

Richmond CH show:

We were at Richmond CH show on Friday where Ambaa was 2nd in Open and was awarded the Res CC. The Judge was Tom Johnson. Fumbaa was also 2nd in the junior class.


Happy birthday to Fern, 10 years old today!
How time flies!!


City of Birmingham Canine Association:

Ambaa got her third CC under judge Julie Bates!

What a good day!!

Fumbaa also had a good day, he was in junior dog and won his class from an entry of 8. He was also the youngest in the class at 12.5 months old.

This is a resumé of how Ambaa gained her title:

  • 3 CC's and 5 Res CC's
  • CC & BOB -Hound Association (Paul Singleton)
  • CC & BOB - Welsh KC (Sarah Hemstock)
  • Hound Group 3 - Welsh KC (M V Pinto Teixeira)
  • The only liver nosed to achieve a group placing in the UK
  • CC - City of Birmingham (Julie Bates)
  • Puppy Group 3 - Three Counties (Marianne Nixon)
  • Ambaa also has 6 Best in Show, 3 at breed club shows

Many thanks to all judges who thought so highly of Ambaa
and to friends for their congratulations!

Scottish Kennel Club:

Went to Scottish Kennel Club show, we have no CC's at this show but Ambaa was again BOB and shortlisted in the group. The breed judge was Gavin Robertson and the group judge was Jill Peak.

We will see what happens next weekend when Julie Bates (Gunthwaite) is judging at Birmingham, fingers crossed!

Welsh Kennel Club:

Ambaa got the CC (her second) and BOB under breed judge Dr Sarah Hemstock.
She the went on to get Group 3 under Mr M V Pinto Teixeira.

Ambaa's 2nd CC at Welsh Kennel Club
Photo © Alan V Walker

Bournemouth CH show:

Fumbaa was placed 2nd in Junior, this was his first time in that class as now he is over 1 year old so it was a very good result. Frank Kane was judging.

Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Fiyaa's puppies, they are 1 year old and I cant believe how time has flown! Some new photos of Justus and Bailey on their pages.

Hound Association CH show:

We went to the Hound Association CH show on Saturday 4 Aug at Stafford. Liz Cartledge hound specialist was judging and she placed Ambaa 3rd in a large Limit class.

Fiyaa now has 2 CC's and is waiting for that elusive 3rd which we
all hope is not too far away! We all have our fingers crossed for
her and thank those judges who have thought so highly of her.



Midlands and Northern RR Club Ch show:

Ambaa won Limit class and got Best Liver nose in show under Sue Simper.

Windsor CH Show:

Ambaa won her way out of the limit class (7 wins in this class ) at Windsor CH show under judge Dagmar Kenis Pordham. Ambaa now has to join Fiyaa in Open!

Blackpool CH Show:

Ambaa again won her class, she now has just one more win in this class before she has to go up into Open.

Border Union CH Show:

Ambaa again won her class and Fiyaa was 3rd in Open class, at the same show Fumbaa (Faahac Fumbaa ann N'Gai) was Best Puppy Dog, and Tia (Faahac Fauziya aan N'Gai ) was Best Puppy Bitch. Lena (Faahac Faleena aan N'Gai) was 2nd in her class and Tia was declared Best Puppy in Breed.

All three puppies have now qualified for Crufts 2008!    Fireworks

Crewe Open Show:

Ambaa was again Best of Breed, this time under breed specialist Lynn Hewson.


Chester City Open Show:

Ambaa was Best of Breed and Hound group 1 under all-round judge Moray Armstrong, she then went on to take

Ribbon BEST IN SHOWRibbon

under all-round judge David Guy. At the same show and under the same judges Fumbaa (Faahac Fumbaa aan N'Gai) was Best Puppy, Puppy group 1 and


Scottish Kennel Club CH Show:

Ambaa was 1st in Limit class and RCC under breed specialist Jon Coppens.

Birmingham National CH Show:

Ambaa was placed 3rd in Open class under Hound specialist Kieth Thornton.



Fiyaa was 2nd in Open Bitch under Breed specialist Mary Adams.

Hound Association of Scotland:

We were off to Scotland for a weekend. Our first show was The Hound Association of Scotland on Saturday were Paul Singleton was judging Ridgebacks for the first time, Ambaa won limit bitch and then the CC (her 1st). She also went BEST of BREED. Ribbon Read the critique on Ambaa's show critique page.

RR Club of Scotland Open Show:

Next day saw us going further north to the Ridgeback Club of Scotland's open show where Eddie Patterson from Ireland was judging an entry of 60. He placed Ambaa 1st in limit and Best Bitch she then went on to take

RibbonBEST IN SHOWRibbon

I think we floated home that night!

This is Ambaa's 5th Best in show and the 3rd in as many weeks. I am very proud of her.

Accrington Show:

Easter Monday and we were off to Accrington show. This is always a much bigger open show, this year there were 596 dogs entered. Our breed judge was Gavin Robertson Hound specialist. He gave Ambaa BOB again.

We then had to wait for the groups to be judged which was quite a long wait. All groups and Best in Show were being judged by Mr Mike Vincent. He gave Ambaa Group 1 and then awarded her


This is the second Best in Show Ambaa has had in the last 2 weeks. I am very proud of her and she gives me her all when in the ring. She now has a total of 4 Best in Show and 2 Res Best in Show, all but one achieved this year.

Rochdale Show:

Easter Saturday saw us at Rochdale show. Not a big entry or show but Ambaa went BOB and Group 2 under Mrs K Barrett.



Justus goes to his first show in Sweden and wins BOB AND GROUP 3! Well done to Helena and Justus. Read more on Justus' own website.

Midlands and Northern RR Club open show:

Another fantastic weekend. Midlands and Northern RR Club held their open show at My Pet Stop Leeds where there was an entry of 91 Ridgebacks for Mrs Sue Pollock Yule to judge. We started off well when Fumbaa (Faahac Fumbaa an N'gai) won Minor puppy dog from an entry of 5. He then went on to win BEST PUPPY DOG and RES BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! Well done to Georgina and Fumbaa. In Minor puppy bitch Tia (Faahac Fauziya an N'gai) was placed 1st and Lena (Faahac Faleena an N'gai) was 2nd from an entry of 7. Well done to Andrew and Tia and Dorothy and Lena!

But to put the icing on the cake Ambaa was


She won a lovely sash and memento from Karen and Diane from Australia, this was presented by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria. Thank you it certainly was a day to remember!


Ambaa is placed 2nd in her class, limit bitch. The judge was Capt Hogg from South Africa.


St Helens and District show:

What a weekend we had! On Saturday we went to St Helens and District show where Ambaa went Best of Breed under judge Frank Whyte. He was also judging Best in Show and awarded her

Ribbon Res BEST IN SHOW Ribbon

Read the critique on Ambaa's show critique page.

Ashton under Lyne show:

On the Sunday we were off to Ashton under Lyne Show which was judged on the group system. Again Ambaa was Best of Breed and she also won the Hound group under hound specialist Keith Pursglove. Lena was there as well - she won the puppy class and got Best Puppy and she also went on to take Puppy Group 4! Congratulations to John, Dorothy and of course Lena!

After a lot of waiting around it finally came to BIS where Ambaa was awarded again


by judge Chris Thomas.

This gives Ambaa enough points to claim her Show Certificate of Merit!


Northwich Canine Society:

Sunday 11th February saw the puppies at their first show. The breed judge was David Bates and he placed Lena (Faahac Faleena aan N'Gai ) 1st, Fumbaa (Faahac Fumbaa aan N'Gai) 2nd and Tia (Faahac Fauziya aan N'Gai) 4th, all in the puppy class. Ambaa took Best of Breed and was selected for the last 6 for Best in Show. We all had a lovely day meeting up with the puppies again and look forward to their successes at future shows. Well done to you all!

Read Lena's critique and Ambaa's critique on their own pages.

New puppy pictures on their litter pages, click here.
Watch out for the puppies making their show debut in early February!

Manchester Ch Show:


Fiyaa is placed 1st in Open bitch and then goes on to gain the **CC** from an entry of 129. This is Fiyaa's 2nd CC so hopefully that elusive 3rd will not be too far away! Judge was Patricia Clayton.

Huddersfield & District Open Show:

The first show of the year!

Ambaa wins Best of Breed under breed judge Helen Mansfield, and goes on to win the Hound Group. A good start to the year!

Read Ambaa's critiques on her show critiques page.

News 2007