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Ambaa's puppies are here!

Ambaa produced 14 puppies on 11 December but unfortunately the last two were still born - it just took too long to have them, nearly 48 hours! We now have 6 boys and 6 girls. There are 7 liver in total, 3 girls and 4 boys. All are doing well, as is Ambaa.



Some news from Amsterdam - we went to the Winners show on the weekend of 29th Nov where Enyaa was entered in Open. Her class was the biggest with 9 bitches entered and an entry of 70 Ridgebacks in total. Enyaa was placed 1st in her class and given an excellent grading by the judge.


We went down to Earls Court in London at the weekend where Enyaa had qualified for the semi finals of the Junior Warrant Competition. There were 64 dogs sent forward from qualifying rounds from all over the country. On Sunday two judges had to select five dogs each to go forward to the final at Crufts next year, and I am delighted to say that Enyaa was one of the five selected to go forward to the final! The judge in Enyaa's ring was Stuart Plane.


Ambaa was scanned today and confirmed in whelp!


News from the weekend, we went to The Scottish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club show where Anna Lane from Australia was judging. Enyaa was entered in Limit which she went on to win!



I am delighted to report that Ambaa has been mated to Adam! Puppies are due around 12th December. See their previous litter here. If you are interested in a puppy from this combination please contact me.

In other news, Enyaa's hip and elbow score has come through, her hips are 5:3 and elbows clear at 0:0!


We went to the M&N club open show where Enyaa won Limit and was Reserve Best Bitch! The judge was Judith Brownlee.


News from the weekend, we went to Driffield Ch show on Saturday where John Macfall was judging. There were no CC's for Ridgebacks but from an entry of 33 Enyaa won her class and was then awarded Best Bitch!


Exciting news from Sweden, Justus will be mated to Olivia (Hayawani Damisi Sikelele) at Kennel Damisi's in February/March next year!

Playing together



On Friday 18th September we went to Darlington Ch show where there were 90 Ridgebacks entered. This was Enyaa’s first time in limit with an entry of 9 in the class which she went on to win!

The next day we were entered at Burnley open show in a qualifying heat for the Junior Warrant competition. The judge was Mr Bob Hernadez. There were 17 entered in the class and he had to choose 5 dogs (in no order) to go forward to the semi finals plus one reserve. I am pleased to announce that Enyaa has got through so we will be going down to Earls Court in London in November!


Saturday 12th September saw us at South Yorkshire Hound show, Enyaa was entered in Post Graduate class as she is now 18 months old. The judge was Lesley Fairhall (Mzilakazi) from Australia, she was judging bitches whilst Danny Cullen (Mwenga) was judging dogs.

Enyaa was placed 1st in her class and was then awarded Best Bitch, and she went on to take BOB which was a joint decision from both judges!

Also on the 12th Justus went to the national Kennel Club show at Sofiero in Sweden where he won Open and went on to become second best male! Read the judge's critique here.



At his first open show in Sweden, Faxe got a first prize in quality and was placed second in his class! He also received an 'honours prize' which the judge will sometimes award to promising youngsters.


We were off to Paignton Ch Show where Mike Caple was judging. Enyaa won her class again and Ambaa was placed 1st in Open and then was awarded the CC and BOB!


The Hound Association at Stafford, again Enyaa was in Junior. This time she was placed 2nd.



We went to Leeds Ch show where Lyn Hewson was judging, and Enyaa was placed 1st in junior.


We were at our Club show on Sunday, the judge was Toni Agnew where Fumbaa gained his 2nd CC and Res B.I.S!

Enyaa won her class from an entry of 10 and was declared Best Junior in Show, and Best Descendant of Mingo Of Mancross of which she got two lovely rosettes and trophies.

Ambaa was entered in open and placed 4th out of an entry of 17, she was also declared as Best Liver Nose in Show, and came home with a big rosette and trophy which she has won for the last 3 yrs!

Enyaa's sister Poppy was also entered at her 1st show, she was unplaced in Junior but was placed 1st in the novice class.

We also entered breeders stakes where you have to have 4 dogs/bitches that have been bred by you to be able to enter, so a big thank you to Georgina with Fumbaa and Poppy and to Diane Bailey with Zarah and of course Enyaa!



Good news from the weekend - Enyaa won the Junior class again from an entry of 9 under Swedish judge Dr Göran Bodegård at Blackpool Ch show on Saturday!


We went to Cheshire County show where Ridgebacks were being judged by Pat Selby, breed specialist. Enyaa was placed 1st in the Junior class and Ambaa was placed 1st in Open class! Enyaa then went on to take Best of Breed from an entry of 31!


Some news from the weekend - Enyaa gained her 4th RCC at Border Union Ch show on Saturday under judge Martin Saunders!



Great news! Enyaa has gained her last points for her ShCM (Show Certificate of Merit)! She gained her final points (25) on Sunday by winning BOB and Hound Group 1 at Chester City show. The breed judge was Mr C O'Connor and the group judge was Mrs I Feely.


We went to Bath Ch show on Bank Holiday Monday, Enyaa was entered in Junior again which she won from a class of 11. The judge was Editha Newton, Hound specialist.


We travelled to Scotland on Friday for the Scottish Kennel Club Ch show on Saturday, Enyaa was entered in the Junior class which she won and she then went on to take the RCC! Ambaa was entered in Open class where she was placed 4th.

Enyaa was also entered in the Junior stakes class in which she got a 4th place out of an entry of 27.

The breed classes were judged by Pat Thorne and the stakes classes were judged by John Thirwell.


Enyaa was out flying the kennel colours on Sunday at Border Counties Hound Show in Lancaster, first she won BOB (judge was Jacqui Cook) and then she went on to win R-BIS under judge Mrs Jean Blandford!

At this show Fiyaa was BIS in May 2006 and Ambaa was BIS in November 2006!

There are more photos from the day on Enyaa's photo page.


At Birmingham CH Show Enyaa was entered in the Junior class and she won the class again! (11 junior bitches entered)

Ambaa was entered in Open and was placed 4th out of a class of 13, the judge was Keith Thornton Hound specialist.


On 4th May we went to an open show where there were 12 Ridgebacks entered, Enyaa won the Junior class and then was declared BOB, and she then went on to win the Hound group under judge Geoff Corish!



We were at WELKS Ch show on Saturday 25th April, and Enyaa was entered in Junior which she won from a class of 11. She then went into the challenge and got the RCC! The judge was Sue Simper.

Congratulations to Helen and John with Bea (Ozzy daughter) who won the Open class and the CC, and also to Diane and Ron Bailey with Zahra (Fiyaa and Dodge daughter) for winning a big post graduate class!

Enyaa's half sister Evie won Best Puppy (owned by Sue Campbell) and her half brother Tor ( owned by Jo Letts) won the RCC, a good weekend in all!


Great news from Sweden! Faxe and Flora have had the results back from having their hips and elbows scored, Faxe has a result of A for his hips and clear for his elbows and Flora has A/B for her hips and also clear for her elbows!


We went to Humberside Hound on Saturday where there were 23 Ridgebacks entered. Enyaa was in 2 classes, Junior and Special Yearling, which she won and she then went on to take Best of Breed! Judge was Robin Sadler.


On Saturday 11th April we went to The Hound Association of Scotland CH show. Enyaa was entered in Junior which she won, thus gaining the last points needed for her JW, and she then went on to get the RCC! The judge was Janice Ellis. These two awards qualify her for Crufts for life at the very young age of 13 months!

Photo © Sarah Nix

We then went to the Scottish Club open show the next day where Veronica Thorin (Rex Ventor) was judging Ridgebacks for the first time. Enyaa was again entered in Junior which she won, and also in Post Graduate where she was 2nd. She was also awarded Best Junior in Show!

I am absolutely delighted with the weekend!


Enyaa got BOB and to the last 6 for Best in Show under judge Serena Parker at Wigan open show!



Enyaa was Best in Show at the Midlands Northern RR club show with 105 entries! Lena was placed 2nd in Post graduate. Judge was Liz Storey.

Photo © Dean Sawyer

~ Enyaa at Crufts ~

Enyaa wins Best Puppy at Crufts 2009 under E. Haapaniemi at 11 months old. She started her puppy career by winning Best Puppy at Darlington at her very first show, in that time she has had 4 Best Puppy at Ch shows, 3 Best Puppy in Show, 2 Res Best Puppy in Show, 9 Best Puppy and 5 Best of Breed.



Enyaa was Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts 2009 under Judge E Haapaniemi! More text and photos will follow soon!



Enyaa was Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Show at Northwich and District Canine Society under Judge Angela Dunkley!


On Saturday we went to Leigh Canine Society and Enyaa was BoB and Best Puppy under Rusty Grayson, she then went on to Group where she was placed 4th.


Justus has been mated to Stella (Hayawani Nyota Rayha) at Kennel Hayawani in Sweden, it will be very exciting to see what they produce and we are looking forward to puppies!



This Saturday we went to Huddersfield open show where Enyaa was placed 1st in her class. She the went on to get Best Puppy BOB, 3rd in the Hound Group and 1st in the Puppy Hound group! The breed judge was Julie Mountfield and the group judge was Sue Campbell.


We went to Manchester Ch show yesterday where Enyaa was placed 2nd in a class of 12 puppy bitches!

Congratulations go to John and Dorothy with Lena who won postgraduate - the biggest class of the day with an entry of 22! The judge was Melanie Dunn.


Some recent news - last Saturday we went to Boston Ch show where Ridgebacks were scheduled for the first time (with no CC's). Enyaa was entered in Puppy Bitch (7 entries) which she won and she then went on to take Best Puppy in Breed! The breed judge was Linda Parke.

We then had to wait around in freezing temperatures for the Hound Puppy Group (which was last in the ring) and I am pleased to say that Enyaa was Puppy Group 3! The judge for the group was Pat Clayton.

News 2009