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Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Midlands and Northern Rescue

It is a very sad fact that there are Ridgebacks that need new homes, somewhere in the region of 50 last year. The reasons for parting are many, from the genuine, such as the death of the owner, to the absurd, "He’s too big and boisterous"(he is a Ridgeback after all!) .

The Midlands and Northern Rescue are asked to rehome dogs/bitches as young as 4 months to the oldies at 12-13 years.

Before you take on a Ridgeback puppy please make sure:

1. It is the right breed for you.
2. Take time to visit Ridgebacks in their homes.
3. Talk to owners – read about the breed.
4. Don’t impulse buy a puppy just because it’s cute (it will get big).
5. Don’t buy from a dealer, pet shop, or commercial outlet (they are less likely to offer support).
6. Finally, if it is the right time, contact the club secretaries using the links page on this site.

There is another alternative: why not give a Ridgeback a second chance to enjoy a loving home - do you have room in your heart and home to offer that second chance? If so visit the Club's rescue page on They work tirelessly to find long term homes, matching dogs and owners to ensure it is the last time the dog has to go through the trauma of being "passed on".

You may not feel you are able to offer a home but would like to help Midlands and Northern Rescue in some other way such as a regular donation, it is very easy to set up a standing order just ask the bank for a form or write to them telling them "How much", "How often" and "Who to pay". If you would like more details contact Paul Hewson (treasurer) by emailing him at